Falco Ten Wijngaard

Sweet Billy Boy O'The Highlands

Paulhays Damon Isle
Exbury Busker
Exbury High Hopes of Paulhays

Sweet Linda Lue O'The Highlands

Mehalah Merry Man
Sweet as Night O'The Highlands
Once In My Life Of Blue Tails
Moville Manneke
Maxi Millian at Moville
Moville Moonlight
Tiakina Then He kissed Me
Edenmist Rush N Roulette
Tiakina Tea Forme Please


Good Rocking Gizmo Smissions Farm

Ch. Faradale Frisbee for Grandgables
Ruscombe Play the Piper
Ruscombe Pipe Major
Ruscombe Run about to Gemette
Faradale Fadette
Faradale Facination
Vonstry Wedding Belle
Casey Victum Of Love Smissions-Farm
Kamp. Eastdale Born To Be Clown
Carneros el Hassan de Westpark
Eastdale Blue Mayflaower
Pemrot Black Prince Perro
Pemrot Blue Bell